MBS Historic Collection at the CPN Conference.

| January 24, 2014


The Christian Professional Network (CPN), a major partner of MBS, promotes the Biblical message in the work environment and the professional lives of its members and Conference attendees.

Sponsoring this conference presents us with a unique opportunity to reach into the workplace through those in attendance. This event, organized under the leadership of Thomas Schetelich, Esq, Founding Member and President of CPN, is incomparable. Each year the conference draws almost 300 professionals by presenting excellent business educational opportunities, extensive networking, and increasing awareness for the need of Christian character and virtue in the business arena.

At the MBS Exhibitor table this year, portions of our MBS Historic Collection at Stevenson University, were on display. MBS Archivist, Dr. Glenn Johnston, spoke at the General Session focusing on the Collection as an important resource for Stevenson University students many of whom are basically unaware of the Holy Scripture. In doing so, Glen reminded many of us of the breadth of knowledge given to us through the Bible.

Through the study of public history, art, literature, conservation & preservation of ancient books, students learn philosophy, law, business ethics and governance are all subjects contained in our Bible; they become aware, even curious to find out more about this incredible book. God is always working to save His people. Glenn remarked that this Collection is “the gift that keeps on giving”. God’s Word never returns void. Very likely, God used this speech to touch the lives of the conferees as well.


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For over 200 years, the mission of the Maryland Bible Society (MBS) has been to see that every individual has an opportunity to own a Bible regardless of their native language or financial situation. Here in Maryland this mission has been mostly fulfilled. We now are turning our emphasis to encouraging and helping people read, understand and live out the truths and principles God has given us through His Holy Scriptures. As a non-denominational ministry, MBS is uniquely positioned to offer God’s Word without note or comment to Christians from all denominational backgrounds. This position allows us to work with all local Christian churches, serving and assisting them as they follow God’s lead. MBS has and will continue to establish and build partnerships that promote the distribution of the Bible, supply related sources and provide educational opportunities. Our vision is to ignite fresh passion for God’s Word to be lived out in the daily lives of people in Maryland and the world beyond. God’s Word contains truths that speak to all of the important areas of our lives: family, marriage, work, friendships, finances and parenting. It serves as the ‘road map’ for the often-overwhelming experience of life. It is a comfort, an encouragement, a teacher. It is convicting, edifying and inspiring. The Bible reveals our purpose in life. The Creator of the Universe has given us His Word to guide and direct us as we serve Him and live in the world.

As we embark on this renewed vision, our desire is to impact lives. As God leads us on this great adventure, we invite you to partner with us. Lives will be transformed as the Holy Spirit works through the Scriptures, resources and opportunities provided by MBS. Join us as we ignite fresh passion for God’s Word among individuals, ministries, local Churches, and businesses.