YFC’s Program Changes Teens

| February 17, 2015

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smiling teenagers with hands on top of each otherMetro Maryland Youth for Christ (MMYFC), an MBS Partner, is plowing new ground to help teens. YFC’s remarkable Point Break Program, a one day seminar put together by YFC’s Campus Life Ministry staffers in conjunction with mental health care professionals, came to Maryland last year and is changing lives. It is a day that improves the values and attitudes of high school students, intervening to break the patterns of bullying, harassment, prejudice and suicide, and creating a sense of empathy and reconciliation. Some say, “Not possible.”  With Christ all things are possible.

Point Break brings students together for a day of games and activities, but that would be nothing very significant if it was not also broken up by 6 small group discussions and a challenge to be open about their own behavior and concerns with the members of their class. This day proves to give students an experience of what true respect, empathy, self-responsibility and community can mean in their lives.  They come to see their fellow students in a different way.  Students learn listening and being interested in others changes lives. Once a school staff sees the difference in the learning environment and the resulting decrease in difficult behaviors they are motivated to make Point Break an annual event.

Principals, counselors, teachers, parents, and students who participate are changed, some transformed.  They are surprised, more hopeful and encouraged. Here are some comments of those who have experienced YFC’s Point Break program:

“Point Break is a life changing event in the life of students. Students who participate in the Point Break event learn to break down walls and see others differently. It has been an immense pleasure of mine to watch each student feel part of something bigger than their self and to return to their campus with new eyes and a new heart. I recommend that every student attend the workshop at least once.”  Valerie Erb
Teacher, Roseville High School, California

 “Two months after our Point Break Workshop a parent approached me to discuss her child. She said, ‘Ever since she went to the workshop you did with Point Break my daughter has been different; more hopeful and kinder at home. I feel like that day really helped her.’ When a program helps a kid at school AND at home, it’s a huge success.” Lori Sipkovich, Teacher, Lincoln High School, California

“The feedback from the faculty members is like nothing I’ve heard. I had employees, who have been here 30 years, say it was most valuable day they’ve had in education” Principal, Berne-Knox-Westerlo High School, New York

Students’ comments:
“I had no idea so many of my friends had considered suicide as a way of dealing with the pain in their lives. I want to help my friends stay alive.”

“I think before I speak, now. I also have learned to forgive some people in my life.”

Point Break has helped me to open my eyes and see that it is not just me and my family and friends in the world. Other people are going through the same stuff I am.”

“I don’t make fun of a lot of people anymore. I am aware of how much people hurt inside and I learned that listening to other people can really change your life and their life.”

MBS works to support, encourage and participate with ministries, individuals, and churches always advocating the Bible as the ultimate tool for transforming lives. One of the ways MBS partners with YFC is through attending and teaching at YFC’s annual Impact Conference for the high school students. Dave Moyer, Executive Director of MBS teaches breakout sessions on leadership and for the new believers provides instruction on how they can grow in their faith through the Bible.  As an encouragement, MBS provides each of them with their own Bible.

Mark Miller of the YFC-Project Serve puts it this way, “Thank you MBS for being a faithful ministry partner as we share God’s Word and His Story to impact the lives of hard-to-reach kids.  You are a blessing to us and these youth”.

MBS cannot continue to support our partner ministries and participate in changing lives without your support in prayer, participation and provision. By giving to us, you give to many. Learn more about us at mdbible.org.

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For over 200 years, the mission of the Maryland Bible Society (MBS) has been to see that every individual has an opportunity to own a Bible regardless of their native language or financial situation. Here in Maryland this mission has been mostly fulfilled. We now are turning our emphasis to encouraging and helping people read, understand and live out the truths and principles God has given us through His Holy Scriptures. As a non-denominational ministry, MBS is uniquely positioned to offer God’s Word without note or comment to Christians from all denominational backgrounds. This position allows us to work with all local Christian churches, serving and assisting them as they follow God’s lead. MBS has and will continue to establish and build partnerships that promote the distribution of the Bible, supply related sources and provide educational opportunities. Our vision is to ignite fresh passion for God’s Word to be lived out in the daily lives of people in Maryland and the world beyond. God’s Word contains truths that speak to all of the important areas of our lives: family, marriage, work, friendships, finances and parenting. It serves as the ‘road map’ for the often-overwhelming experience of life. It is a comfort, an encouragement, a teacher. It is convicting, edifying and inspiring. The Bible reveals our purpose in life. The Creator of the Universe has given us His Word to guide and direct us as we serve Him and live in the world.

As we embark on this renewed vision, our desire is to impact lives. As God leads us on this great adventure, we invite you to partner with us. Lives will be transformed as the Holy Spirit works through the Scriptures, resources and opportunities provided by MBS. Join us as we ignite fresh passion for God’s Word among individuals, ministries, local Churches, and businesses.