Partnerships Making a Difference in Sandtown

| August 27, 2015

Michael Crawford and Dave Moyer partner innercityMaryland Bible Society again partnered with local churches and ministries to promote healing – this time for the healing of the Sandtown neighborhood teens and young men.  Sandtown was rocked by the riots and many people were, and still are, in need of spiritual encouragement and love.

On June 22 the Basketball League of Sandtown was formed and the League games began.  After providing hot dogs, lemonade, chips and soda, Ray Sydnor, a former Philadelphia Eagle, organized the youth into 14 teams. Each team was led by a ‘coach’ from the group of pastors and ministry leaders present.  The evening was a success and the turnout was very good. These were the first games on the League’s five-week schedule

Each week these churches volunteered to host an evening, providing the food and a leader for the testimony and devotional time.  That first evening Ray Sydnor spoke about the difficult period in his life before he found Jesus.  This partnership is all about building relationships and getting to know one another. The leadership has been happy to have such a comfortable platform (a basketball court) on which to build friendships with the young men.  The outreach was part of a continuing prayerful effort to share the peace and love of Christ with the community following the death of Freddie Gray.  According to Pastor Harold Phillips the goal of this project is “to provide an opportunity for local churches to get to know these young men, to build on those relationships and ultimately share not only friendship but also a solid relationship with Jesus”.

The Basketball League of Sandtown Partnerhip included Pastor Phillips; Ray Sydnor, Co-founder of Mentoring Academics in Partnership; the Baltimore Baptist Association; Upward Basketball; Colonial Baptist Church, The Garden Church and others.  The league was the brain child of Harold Phillips and Ray Sydnor. Maryland Bible Society was honored to provide through partnership the Bibles needed to encourage and inspire these teens.

Photo caption: Dave Moyer, Executive Director along with Rev Michael Crawford, Pastor of Freedom Church are enjoying the 1st of the Basket Ball League evenings in Sandtown.

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