MBS partners with FCA in Nicaragua

| November 3, 2015

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Steve Medinger Mission Trip Aug-2015

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and MBS are continuing to partner in new and different ways.  This time we provided the funding for 200 Spanish Bibles to FCA’s newest chapter — FCA Nicaragua!

Several years ago two Baltimore teachers founded a ministry to help the suffering children of Nicaragua.

The villages suffer with poverty and the lack of fathers.  Mountain Christian Church (MCC) of Joppa, MD is a current supporter of the ministry. It was the fatherless children that brought Tod Hall, Leader of the Sport Ministry to search for help….for a more lasting solution.  Discussions with Steve Medinger, FCA  Area Director of Central Maryland, revealed a possible plan that could give generational blessings and hope.  Why not begin a new FCA chapter – FCA Nicaragua?

Late this summer three FCA staff members and six volunteers from MCC spent a one-week mission trip to start a Basketball Camp – the first of the FCA efforts to become a permanent fixture in Nicaragua.  A local park was rehabilitated, basketball courts were renovated and instructions began.  By day they taught, coached and managed a sports camp. In the evening these men taught the Word of God to unchurched children using the Spanish Bibles provided by the Maryland Bible Society.  Of course there were the tough ones, the youth who had rebellious hearts….but even they, by the end of the week shed tears of joy to have found Christ.

3rd Steve Medinger Mission Trip Aug 2015Many of you know that the distribution of Bibles is important to MBS, but it is not our only focus.

In recent years we have spread our wings to help support ministries and churches with Bible studies, leadership classes, video teaching, podcasts, youth work and the Maryland Bible App.

The Bible Store and Library in Mombasa, Kenya operated by GAP Ministry would not have been possible had MBS not been willing and ready to jump in to the fray. A fledgling ministry to feed and care for starving children is now being supported by revenues from the only Bible Store and Library in Mombasa, Keya.   Students and ministers are utilizing the library’s resources to develop their own needed skills.

Because we are flexible and eager to find new ways to support God’s work, other ministries come to us for more than Bibles.  We are only beginning to see the wonderful things God wants to do with the Maryland Bible Society.

2nd Steven Medinger Mission Trip Aug 2015In Baltimore and beyond, MBS is creating a true network of ministries and churches who partner and help each other.  When Steve Medinger of FCA called us, there was no hesitation about helping.  It was the same when GAP reached out for help with opening a Bible Store and Library in Kenya.  We don’t know what will be next but these things cannot happen without your financial support and prayer.

Our outreach to many ministries needs your financial support.  We will only be able to reach out to ministry programs such as FCA’s Bible in Public Schools and FCA Nicaragua with your provision.  Please donate online to become a monthly supporter of $10 or more.  www.mdbible.org.


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For over 200 years, the mission of the Maryland Bible Society (MBS) has been to see that every individual has an opportunity to own a Bible regardless of their native language or financial situation. Here in Maryland this mission has been mostly fulfilled. We now are turning our emphasis to encouraging and helping people read, understand and live out the truths and principles God has given us through His Holy Scriptures. As a non-denominational ministry, MBS is uniquely positioned to offer God’s Word without note or comment to Christians from all denominational backgrounds. This position allows us to work with all local Christian churches, serving and assisting them as they follow God’s lead. MBS has and will continue to establish and build partnerships that promote the distribution of the Bible, supply related sources and provide educational opportunities. Our vision is to ignite fresh passion for God’s Word to be lived out in the daily lives of people in Maryland and the world beyond. God’s Word contains truths that speak to all of the important areas of our lives: family, marriage, work, friendships, finances and parenting. It serves as the ‘road map’ for the often-overwhelming experience of life. It is a comfort, an encouragement, a teacher. It is convicting, edifying and inspiring. The Bible reveals our purpose in life. The Creator of the Universe has given us His Word to guide and direct us as we serve Him and live in the world.

As we embark on this renewed vision, our desire is to impact lives. As God leads us on this great adventure, we invite you to partner with us. Lives will be transformed as the Holy Spirit works through the Scriptures, resources and opportunities provided by MBS. Join us as we ignite fresh passion for God’s Word among individuals, ministries, local Churches, and businesses.