MBS Partners with IC Orphans— Hooshga the “Good News Turtle” Captures Our Hearts

| January 24, 2014

hooshga_slide1“This is the most exciting thing that has happened in the four years I have been here,” proclaimed the minister who witnessed the reaction of two hundred slum children in India when they received their Hooshga Care packages. Margie Kelly, a missionary who helped transport Hooshga to India, elaborated about “the children being riveted as they listened to the telling of the Gospel as seen through Hooshga’s eyes”. Maryland Bible Society has partnered with a ministry that is taking the ‘battle for souls’ to the streets. IC Orphans is that ministry and Hooshga is their product, an amazing evangelistic tool opening the hearts of orphans and vulnerable children.

IC Orphans, along with the investment and partnership of MBS, has developed this colorful, playful evangelistic tool. The Hooshga Care Package features Hooshga the Good News Turtle and a Bible picture book in a drawstring bag. MBS, committed to the next generation knowing God and His Word; is thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside IC Orphans on a mission falling within their own vision. This project is taking the message of Jesus Christ to cities, states, and other countries, sharing the love of God in a way that is personable for children.

“The concept simply put is an experiential bible project that will grip the heart of every child and practically connect that child to the gospel message in a way that will be lasting and impactful.” IC Orphans description continues, “The Hooshga Care Package contains an adorable plush turtle, Hooshga the Good News Turtle, and a picture book containing eleven full color illustrations designed to cover the story of creation through eternity. Hooshga appears on every spread to make the connection with the child and their new friend Hooshga. The package also contains a colorful string bag in which to keep everything.” (The Hooshga Project, www.icorphans.org). The impact of Hooshga is multiplied when children go home and tell their family and friends the story. In one drawstring bag is a tool that will help evangelize entire communities.

DSC_1059Hooshga was birthed from the true story of a couple and their adopted daughter. Chris and Melissa adopted a special needs child, named Libby, at two years old. However, she found her way into their hearts long before as their foster child at just nine months old. She was nonverbal, living with severe cerebral palsy and had to be fed by others. Every morning with her stuffed animal in hand, she was drawn to a portrait of Jesus. Daily, Chris would tell her the stories of Jesus from a children’s Bible. As Libby grew into a toddler, she began to have seizures, gradually growing more severe. She passed away January 5th, 2011. In his many prayers over her during this time, Chris made a bargain with God. If God would heal her, then Chris would take her around the world, sharing her love for Jesus and spread the Gospel. When Libby went to heaven, Chris decided that it was even more important that he follow through with his promise.

IC Orphans’ mission is to “serve gospel focused churches as they care for orphans and vulnerable children.” Hooshga has been carried to China, El Salvador, Ethiopia, India and Rwanda as well groups and churches here in the U.S. and an international organization. Currently, IC Orphans is raising funds to fulfill over 100,000 requests for these care packages. Maryland Bible Society is pleased to be part of the development of this exciting evangelism tool and looks forward to a continued partnership with IC Orphans.

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